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Agrupació Mutual is a mutual insurance company and entity header Agrupació Mutual Group. It aims to meet the needs of their partners and customers through services and staff pension insurance products, and social cooperation activities aimed at the collective and society. For the large range of products and forecasting services staff, Agrupació Mutual is a mutual insurance reference in the territories where it is established. Mutual Agrupació of Commerce and of Industry, Mutual d'Assegurances i Reassegurances Fixa Prima is a company registered in the Mercantile Register of Barcelona, T. 23067, F. 159, S. 8, H B-46913. Ins. 1a. Has also entered in the Special Register of Insurance of the Directorate General of Insurance and Pension Funds with the key M-376. The headquarters is located in the Gran Via de les Catalan Cortes, 621, 08010 Barcelona, and tax identification number is G-08171118.