why put barriers on your health?



Here at Sammy Thomas Insurance Brokers we will find you a health policy that guarantees you what matters most to you: the wellbeing of your family, guaranteeing maximum quality health care as well as that personal touch you look for when you visit a doctor or go to hospital.


No unnecessary lists, long waits or complicated administration. Sit back and enjoy the peace of mind of having health care at home covered and in over thousands of our associated clinics and with over thousands GPs throughoutSpain.


Emergency care, primary care, specialists, diagnostic aids, hospitalisation and surgery: with our health policies everything is covered, we also have policies that have no limits for expenses (except for prostheses). Additionally, you can take advantage of the complementary worldwide travel insurance in the event of an emergency.


Within the companies we work with, you’re the one who will decide which doctors or which hospitals in there health care networks you want to go to? You may also wish to choose one of our policies that let you go to any doctor or hospital you wish. You pay up front and we will reimburse your bills from 80% to 100%, depending on what policy you have taken out.


We also can offer you a health care policy that has no limits anywhere in the world. Yes with our top health product, you have access to the best private medicine, without limits, because it includes everything you need to look after your health and quality of life without having to worry about limits on access or expenses: we guarantee you 100% reimbursement anywhere in the world.



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We analyze the market to find the best insurance solutions that will adapt to your current and future needs. We take into account your financial circumstances and we will be by your side whenever you need us.

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Who would you trust most to do your insurance with?
A Profesional Independent Insurance Broker
Your local Bank
A direct line insurance company
Who would you trust most to do your insurance with?
A Profesional Independent Insurance Broker
Your local Bank
A direct line insurance company

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