About us

Sammy Thomas Insurance Brokerage S.L.U. was incorporated in 2006 with a clear commitment to service aimed at Small and Medium Enterprises and individuals.

Our main objective is to defend the interests of our customers. We have professionals with long and proven experience to provide quality, personalized service.

Sammy Thomas has worked as an insurance broker since 1992 and saw very clearly that the future was to create an insurance brokerage firm, to give his customers a wider choice of insurance options.

Sammy also has a master’s degree in insurance and business management, and has a team of professionals who have worked alongside him for over 18 years.

Legal information:

Authorization No. reg. Directorate General for Insurance J-387GC   


Concerted liability and surety insurance as per Law 26/2006 of 17 July

The Brokerage performs a professional business activity pursuant to Article 26.1 of Law No. 26/2006, of 17 July, which consists of:

  • Brokerage in private insurance contracts
  • Without maintaining contractual obligations and that imply ties with insurance institutions
  • Providing independent, professional and impartial advice
  • Members of the brokers association (Club Catala de Corredors): http://cccorredors.com/

Our professional service is aimed at those who require cover of the risks they are exposed to personally, or to which their belongings, interests and responsibilities are exposed.