Golf insurance

Nuevo Seguro de Accidentes

In Spain there are many golf clubs. This situation creates the right atmosphere that makes it the ideal place for practicing this sport. So if you are anexpatriate living in Spain and you like golfing you need to be covered against any unforeseen derived or not from the game.

At Sammy Thomas Insurance Brokers we offer a special product for you. Our golf insurance policy for expatriates will make you feel safe at all times, and even more if you are on holiday and looking to relax and unwind from your day to day life.

Golf is a sport that requires concentration and precision. Therefore you need all your senses during the course of the game. Our insurance for golfers claims that your concern is the game, nothing else.

Covers death, permanent disability and medical expenses resulting from accidental injury occurring in the Golf Club..

  • Death €15,000.
  • Permanent Disability €15,000.
  • Medical/Pharmaceutical Cover €3,000.
  • Medical/Pharmaceutical/Hospital Cover for the caddy €3,000.

Basic coverage of the golf insurance for expatriates gives coverage for death or permanent disability to medical costs resulting from any type of injury or accident at the golf club.

We also can give cover for…

  • Breakage and or damage to equipment during the course of play.
  • “Hole in one” extra costs.
  • Personal Accidents.
  • Third Party Liability up to €100,000

At Sammy Thomas Insurance Brokers, we believe that our golf insurances for expatriates cover all the needs of any lover of this sport, whether professional or amateur, so that playing golf becomes completely safe against any unexpected accident. If you believe, like we do, that this insurance product is for you, ask us now for a free quotation. Now you can start playing without worries. Your golf insurance for expats provides extensive coverage for your peace of mind. The best sports insurance at the best price.