Life Insurance Experts y el Club Català de Corredors d’Assegurances (CCC) have renewed their collaboration agreement for a period of 3 years, from 2018 to 2020, for the commercialization of life insurance of the insurer.

For the CCC, the agreement with CA Life allows us to offer our partners and their customers a very competitive range of products in both the Risk and Savings aspects. CA Life is a specialist company in the guarantees of Total Professional Disability, increasingly demanded by the liberal professionals, as well as in other life risk guarantees.

In the words of Guillem González, President of the CCC, “our objective is always to reach agreements in the medium term that provide us with stability, training and added value for our partners and customers. The agreement with CA Life gives us these values ​​and for that reason we are very satisfied with the renewal until 2020″.

Josep Muñoz, Commercial Director of CA Life, points out that “the fantastic relationship with the members of Club Català de Corredors (CCC), as well as their level of professionalism, are the greatest assets of this agreement, which we hope will help consolidate CA Life as a of the entities of reference in life products Risk, where we are specialists and where we have a wide offer adequate to the real needs of the clients “. This, in turn, will develop specific training for brokers, and will support the development of the branch among the brokerages that are part of the Club.

In the signing of the agreement intervened by CA Life Josep Muñoz, Commercial Director and Raul Solano, Commercial Manager. On behalf of the CCC, Guillem González, President and Antoni Serra, Manager.

About the Club Català de Corredors d’Assegurances (CCC)
The CCC was created 26 years ago and currently consists of 23 brokerages, many of them since its founding, the majority being second generation and in some cases, third. The volume of premiums intermediated by its members exceeds € 90 million in 2017.

About CA Life Insurance Experts
CA Life Insurance Experts is a Spanish company specializing in life insurance that is part of the Crèdit Andorrà Group. The company has a focus on the customer and offering a close and agile service. CA Life Insurance Experts offers life insurance, both risk and savings. In life risk has a wide range of innovative products, the attractiveness of which lies in its adaptability and adjustment to the real needs of customers. In savings it has competitive products, as well as a complete offer in pension plans through its manager.