The Club Català de Corredors d’Assegurances (CCC) and FIATC have formalized a collaboration agreement for three years until 2020. The agreement in force until now was limited to the burial product , but in the new agreement the collaboration will be extended to other products in which FIATC has extensive experience as Health and Boats.

The CCC values ​​the collaboration with a generalist company like FIATC that allows us to have a wide range of products and at the same time benefit from the experience and professionalism in some key products of our insurance offer.

In the words of Guillem González – President of the CCC – this three-year agreement gives us stability and allows us to continue to improve our value offer to our partners by providing a more effective response to all of our clients’ insurance needs. We appreciate the trust that FIATC places in our Association.

Santiago Gómez, commercial director of FIATC Seguros, values ​​in a very positive way this agreement that “is another demonstration of our commitment to professional mediation in a strategic area for us and that will allow us, thanks to the collaboration of the Club, to develop four products specific for the assurance of interesting business segments and future for both parts “.

In the signing of the agreement intervened by Fiatc: Santiago Gómez and Francisco Jover – Commercial Director and Deputy Commercial Director respectively and on behalf of the CCC: Guillem González -President-, Kiko Julià -Vicepresident-, Jordi Costa -Costa Serra- and Antoni Serra -Gerente-

About the Club Català de Corredors d’Assegurances (CCC)
The CCC was created 26 years ago and currently consists of 24 brokerages, many of them since its founding, the majority being second generation. The volume of intermediated premiums exceeds € 90 million and with a growth of 10% in 2017.