Car insurance


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There are many products on the market, but few that can offer an extraordinary service, that really does make a difference.

Here at SAMMY THOMAS Insurance Brokers, we can offer you a comprehensive motor insurance policy that has been developed especially for international clients, who are seeking that little bit extra from their insurance.

A flexible product which can be adapted to individual driver’s needs. It includes a careful combination of the usual basic covers, to which supplementary and complementary covers can be added, depending on the policy holder’s interests.

Roadside assistance from 0 km, right from your doorstep around the clock, 24/7, with the guarantee of arriving at the problem spot within one hour! That’s pretty quick especially if one happens to be off the beaten track.

Increased cover for third-party liabilities includes both compulsory and voluntary cover, including damage or injury to third parties by towing a trailer or a caravan up to 750 kg; also public liability for pedestrians or amateur cyclists.

Assistance does not stop at the roadside either; legal assistance is included with: processing of fines; help with written replies in Spanish to any charges that may occur; and appeals against traffic violations or other offenses.

Our car policy gives automatic cover for anyone aged over 25 years old, and that has had a driving license for more than two years. We also have the possibility of insurance young drivers.




Fixed installations and improved elements integrated into the vehicle when they leave the factory are no longer considered accessories and are covered at no extra charge.

Accidents and personal injuries

In the case of an accident, there is a special cover for the driver, with a cover-up to 115.000€ for accidental death & disability, also there’s an option of including a monthly income of 450€ in case of total disability. All passengers are automatically covered by the third party liabilities compulsory and voluntary cover.

In case of death due to an accident, 3000 € will be paid in advance towards burial costs.

A replacement (courtesy) vehicle is ensured in the case of an accident, fire or theft, should repairs be necessary or the vehicle is not recovered soon after a theft.

And talking of repairs, clients have the opportunity to choose the repair garage of their choice to make life more convenient for them. Should the vehicle be a write-off or lost due to theft, you will be indemnified on an Actual Cash Value basis plus 30%, for those vehicles over 4 years old!.

24-hour breakdown service from 0 km right from your doorstep and with unlimited mileage in Spain, Portugal, France & Andorra. So don’t worry about what garage to wish to take your car to be fixed. You decide. When in the rest of Europe and your car breaks down, you may take it to your official garage, or any other garage up to a 100 Km radius from where you are.

Take out your fully comprehensive policy with or without an excess. Our excess starts from as little as 90€. One of the lowest on the market.

Robbery, theft & larceny

In event of a robbery or intent of robbery, you will have a cover to a maximum of 500€ for all of your personal items. Apart from all accessories insured in the car.

When it comes down to a broken Windows, you can go to any garage you wish to get your Windows changed and there is no excess. The great advantage is if you go to a garage that the company uses, you will not lose any no claims bonus

The 24-hour assistance is not only for the vehicle and it’s passengers while being with the car. You also have World Wide travel assistance for the policyholder, his/her spouse and offspring and other family members living with him/her. Things like medical transportation and repatriation of injured or ill individuals. Etc, etc  Also from 0 Km….

One of the advantages of our EXPATS product is that larceny of cars is also insured. So if you left your keys in the car, and someone tricked you to come out of the car, and then jumped in the car and drove off, you would be covered. Many companies don’t include this in their policies.

Indemnity based on value as new

In the case of a total loss of the vehicle that is valued with a deduction of the wreckage.

100% of the value id the car is less than 2 years old.

80% of the value as new if the vehicle is over 2 years old but less than 3 years old.

70% of the value as new if the vehicle is over 3 years old and less than 4 years old.

If the vehicle is over 4 years old, its actual cash value plus 30% will be indemnified (less scrap)

There is a direct telephone line which can be called for instant advice on the loss of a driving license or loss of penalty points under the new Spanish law.

The cover goes on, and on, and on……