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Introducing the Verisure alarm, the most advanced alarm in the world for protection of your home or business.

The Control panel is the central control for the alarm. A unique device, designed to protect you better when you’re inside your home or business. Its portability in an emergency and it’s highly sensitivity in communication allows the monitoring station to maintain contact with you at all time, and permits a more effective intervention. By pressing the SOS button you immediately contact the alarm monitoring station.

 Another advantage of the Verisure panel is that it doesn’t need a telephone line thanks to its SIM card connection, and of course you can activate the night mode, at a simple pres of a button before going to sleep. You also can use the multifunction control if you are already in bed.

The motion detector with colour camera & flash is an essential element for the verification of the alarm and to notify the police without false alarms. If there’s an intrusion it send images of what has happened so the intruder can be identified, which permits the elimination of false alarms. The built in flash permits identification even in full darkness. Furthermore at any time, you can remotely take pictures and see what is going on at your house from your smart phone, so you can relax wherever you are.

Whether you are away from home or even more important if you are inside, the shock sensor will protect you by detecting the intruder before he breaks into the house. It’s impact and vibration sensor is designed to protect all the access points to your house or business such as doors, windows and shop glass pains. But the most surprising thing about the Verisure alarm is how easy it is to use.

Verisure intelligent keys, not only lets you activate and deactivate the alarm when you enter or leave the house without having to memorise complicated codes. But they also let you know who enters or leaves your house or business. It’s very simple; first assign a colour key to each person, white for mum, black for dad pink for your daughter & green for the home help. Second, decide who you want to keep control of, and that’s it, now you can instantly see what time a particular person is entering or leaving. A very useful tool for your house or business that will let you see when your employees arrive or leave through your smart phone.

Verisure is more than an alarm; it is also home automation, access control & video control. This is why we’ve created a touch control keyboard; just one keyboard will let you control your alarm. Your home automation for turning on or off the heater, the lights or opening the door remotely, & your video surveillance with cameras permanently recording all that happens. It also lets you control other facilities remotely, for example you can control your alarm at your business from your house. We offer the most advanced alarm on the market within your reach.

Verisure, smart alarms much more than an alarm.

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