How we work?

Our professional advice helps our customers identify those risks that they do not know they had. Once identified, we seek out and recommend the best solution.

  • Needs analysis based on motivations
  • Study of private and public systems
  • Review and analysis of information provided
  • Quantification and recommendation of solutions
  • Detailed study of private contract systems
  • Quantification of needs and cover
  • Report of gaps detected in cover and recommendation of solutions
  • We work in your language.


We represent our customers in their dealings with insurers

We monitor policies taken out, so that their effectiveness is not undermined by the passage of time and new emergence on the market of technologically superior and more appropriate products.

We advise, assist and look after the paper work

We carry out all these activities for any possible claims by ensuring that the resolutions of insurance companies adhere in all cases to the terms agreed in the policy.

We have a Customer Service Department.

The aim of which is resolution of complaints and claims presented by customersCuyo objetivo es la resolución de quejas y reclamaciones formuladas por el cliente.

We want to show how much we can do for you.