We work for you. It is definitely the star of our company. Against the lack of clarity, we offer transparency. In case of any concerns, we offer the highest professional, highly qualified and friendliness of our staff.

For us, the important thing is your family, your business and you.


Reassuring the stability of your family is a priority..

 We guarantee you the best prices on life insurance. Our new tariffs will save you up to 70% on your actual life insurance premiums. We not only guarantee a cheap price but also great insurance company behind what we are offering.

Life insurance is a must, when one needs to protect his family. If you have a mortgage with the bank who gave you your loan, then I’m sure that the premiums you are paying are expensive.

Ask us for a free quotation now, and start saving a lot of money every year on your life insurance.


The one policy your family cannot go without.

Here at Sammy Thomas Insurance Brokers we will find you a health policy that guarantees you what matters most to you: the wellbeing of your family, guaranteeing maximum quality health care as well as that personal touch you look for when you visit a doctor or go to hospital.

No unnecessary lists, long waits or complicated administration. Sit back and enjoy the peace of mind of having health care at home covered and in over thousands of our associated clinics and with over thousands GPs throughout Spain.

Emergency care, primary care, specialists, diagnostic aids, hospitalisation and surgery: with our health policies everything is covered, we also have policies that have no limits for expenses (except for prostheses). Additionally, you can take advantage of the complementary worldwide travel insurance in the event of an emergency.

Within the companies we work with, you’re the one who will decide which doctors or which hospitals in there health care networks you want to go to? You may also wish to choose one of our policies that let you go to any doctor or hospital you wish. You pay up front and we will reimburse your bills from 80% to 100%, depending on what policy you have taken out.


You will feel secure with our made to measure home insurance policy.

When it comes to ensuring your home, you want only the best cover possible.
We have designed a policy that will adapt to all your needs when insuring your property.
In times of crisis, one needs the have the best possible cover against robbery or an attack.

Worried about your jewelry outside of your home? Don’t worry any longer, we have a policy that will cover jewelry with a worldwide cover.
For those that only want the best cover, we can give you an ALL RISK cover, on both contents & building, as an optional cover. With up to a 1.000.000€ general liability cover you can feel safely protected in case you or members of your family cause damage to third party people or things. With a worldwide cover.

Our home insurance policy gives cover for things most companies have excluded in their policies. Don’t worry about if you have no major protections in your home, if you have under 75.000€ in contents, you have no need to have steel, bars, alarms connected etc.

Do you live in a nonpopulated area? We also can cover robbery, at a fantastic price and with full cover.

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