Personal insurance

Seguro de Accidente

New Driver Accident Policy

Driver! Do you want to have a good accident policy? Did you know that while driving a vehicle all the other passengers are far more insured than you are?

Are you aware that if you ever have an accident you are the one who is without a good insurance cover?


250.000€ Acidental Death & Parcial or Total Disability, while driving a vehicle, Motor Bike, 4X4, for just 33,10€ per year. Take advantage of this exclusive product NOW.

Life insurance

Rest assured that, for any unforeseen severe event, your family’s financial situation won’t be affected. It is an important insurance because it guarantees the stability of your family as a priority. Let us advise you on what covers you need and the capital that must be covered. Then we’ll seek the best solution on the market at the best price.

Take advantage of our new Life policy, our new tariffs will save you up to 70% on your actual Life insurance policy.

Life insurance
Seguro de Salud

Health Care insurance.

We have a health insurance policies that will adapt your your needs and economy. Take a look at our speacial offers we have for you NOW.

Here at Sammy Thomas Insurance Brokers we will find you a health policy that guarantees you what matters most to you: the wellbeing of your family, guaranteeing maximum quality health care as well as that personal touch you look for when you visit a doctor or go to hospital.

Within the companies we work with, you’re the one who will decide which doctor, or which hospital within there health care networks you want to go to? You may also wish to choose one of our policies that let you go to any doctor or hospital you wish. You pay up front and we will reimburse your bills from 80% to 100%, depending on what policy you have taken out.

Accident insurance

We all in our day to day life are exposed to the risks of accidents. Despite all possible precautions accidents somtimes do occur. An accident may result into disablement or loss of limbs or even death sometimes.

To cater to this need insurers have devised an insurance cover, known as Personal Accident Insurance.

Don’t leave yourself or your family unprotected, accidents happen when you least expect them to. By contracting a accident policy your protecting not just yourself but also the you love the most.

Seguro de Accidentes
Seguro de Hogar

Home insurance

Feel safe at home. We can’t ensure you’ll never undergo a contingency, but we can help you have peace of mind by protecting your possessions.

You can also take advantage of our offer to take out your household policy.

 “Depending on which policy you contract and which insurance company”.

Car insurance

Whether you need basic cover or want maximum benefits, we have a wide range of premiums and policy benefits; we’re always looking for the best insurance solution for our customers. Our made to measure car policies will adapt you your exact needs, as we can give you that extra cover you are looking for.

Our Speciality is Ex-Patriot Insurance. Being able to insure English plated cars is one of our big advantages as many of our clients are looking to have insurance here inSpain, without having to worry about the time the car is out ofEngland. We maintain all your no claims bonus and can issue your policy in less than 5 minutes.

Seguro de Automóvil
Seguro de Comercios y Oficinas

Commercial premises insurance

An office, business or warehouse for any activity requires quality insurance, which takes into account their activity so that any contingencies that may occur are properly covered. We have insurance for shops, workshops, industrial buildings, etc. See our insurance proposal and its price in detail and clearly. We’ll make you a proposal you won’t want to turn down.

Travel insurance

  • No age limit on Trip Travel.
  • Winter sports up to age 70.
  • Automatic cover for trips up to 50 days (35 days as standard if aged 66 or over)
  • Independent travel for all persons thoughout the year
  • FREE business travel
  • FREE cover for over 300 medical conditions
  • FFEE cover for over 100 sports and activities
  • Choise of cover levels – Premier or Economy
  • Seamless online policy issue and medical screening
  • NEW – Schedule Airline Failure cover (Premier cover only)
Life insurance
Seguro de Accidente

Burial & Repatriation Insurance

Burial insurance is something very important. The truth is that no one likes to think about dying, but whether we like it or not we all are going to dye one day. Some sooner than others, but the worst thing is that when we go, we leave our loved ones behind . Making plans in advance for our funeral will ease the burden of your family and loved ones. 

Another problem for ex-patriots is when one wishes to be buried at home, and not in the country you have been living in for the last years of your life. To get Repatriated can be very expensive, and could put a lot of financial pressure on your family. The best way around this problem is to include the cover of repatriation cost within your burial insurance policy.

Pet insurance

Being a dog owner. One knows how important it is to have a good policy. Veterinary fees are very expensive, but thanks to products like this, it will give you a peace of mind if anything dose happen to one of your loved ones.

A product designed for three kind of animals, Small under 9kg. Medium for from 9 to 15 Kg. And animals over 15Kg

Insure your pets from as little as 4,42€ per month. That’s just some 53€ per year.

Special Offer. if you contract your PET POLICY before the 31st of December 2019. We will give you a 15% discount

Life insurance
Seguro de Accidente

Golf insurance

For those of you have have a pasion for playing golf, we have a policy that will cover all your golfing needs. Our policy especily designed for our expats clients can give you the peace of mind you wish to have when playing golf. We can insure the breakage and damage to your equipment while playing, personal accidents, even the cost of an hole in one. Third party liability is somthing you need just in case you cause damage to somthing or someone. For more information and a free quotation take a look at our product and call us for a free quotation.