Frequently asked questions

What is a deductible?

It is the exemption of payment to the insured when expenses or compensation exceed a predetermined quantity, in the particular conditions of the insurance policy, but that is to be paid by the insured, in the event it does not exceed that amount. An amount stipulated by the insurance contract, for which the Insured becomes their own Insurer. In the event of a loss, the insured shall bear the corresponding costs of the damage out of their own pocket.

The deductible system is generally established based on the initiative of the Insurance Institution so that, if there is a financial repercussion from the claim for the Insured, they will try harder to avoid claims or to reduce their effects.

If the amount of the claim is less than the amount stated as a deductible, the cost shall be borne by the Insured.

If higher, the Insurer will only be compensated for costs exceeding the deductible.

The first loss subject to a deductible must always be less than what the corresponding amount would be if it did not exist, since in the former case, the economic impact of a claim borne by the Insurer is more limited.

What does an insurance broker offer me?

  • Help detect, identify and recognize insurance needs and propose the best solution.
  • Mediation with the company: taking out policies, support and maintenance.
  • Assistance in case of a claim.
  • 24-hour support companies and scheduled repair shops
  • Telephone and 900 numbers.
  • Defence of the legitimate interests of the customer to the company.
  • Updating and maintenance of capital and cover taken out over time.
  • Detailed information on services and policies taken out.
  • Sending of collection and renewal notices.
  • Ensuring compliance with legal obligations under Brokerage Act 26/2006.
  • Trained and specialized staff.
  • Standardized customer service according to quality standards.