Home insurance


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Made to mesure Home Insurance

When it comes to insuring your home, you want only the best cover possible.

We have designed a policy that will adapt to all you needs when insuring your property.

In times of crisis, one needs the have the best possible cover against robbery, or an attack.

Worried about your jewellery outside of your home? Don’t worry any longer, we have a policy that will cover jewellery with a world wide cover.

For those that only want the best cover, we can give you an ALL RISK cover, on both contents & building, as an optional cover.

With up to a 1.000.000€ general liability cover you can feel safely protected in case you, or members of your family causes damage to third party people or  things. With a world wide cover.

A major exclusion in practically any home insurance policy, is when you have a burst pipe that doesn’t cause damage to your contents or building. When this happens insurance companies don’t cover to fix that burst pipe.

Our policy on other hands, covers for those pipes to be fixed, and found, even though they haven’t caused any damage.

When a problem occurs at home, sometimes it difficult to find the right person to fix it. A painter, locksmith, electrician etc. With our home insurance you have a 24/7 hour service 365 days a year at no extra cost.

Ever had a problem in the garden due to bad weather? We can cover for replanting your trees and garden in our home insurance policy up to a 10% of the value of your building.

Electrical damages is a basic cover in our policy.

Excess water consumption due to a burst pipe up to 1.000€ cover.

Accidental liquid spills other than water 2.000€ cover.

Family & Legal Defence included.

Breakage of glass in Solar panels.

Complete building collapse.

Personal Household accidents.

Optional Landlord legal defence, in case your tenants don’t pay there rent. Also if they cause damage to your home.

Many other covers are also included.