MútuaTerrassa is a group of professionals grouped in different organizations and companies in order to protect people and improve their state of health in a spirit of community service, and with a strong customer focus.

This institution celebrated its centennial in 2000.

MutuaTerrassa was founded in 1900 as a Mutual Insurance Company for workplace accidents. Its goal was to mitigate the consequences of accidents via a financial subsidy, health service provision, rehabilitation and employment readaptation. Their original name was “Terrassa insurance against workplace accidents”.

Over time, the entity has adapted to the needs of the community and diversified its range of products.

Currently, MutuaTerrassa looks after 3000 professionals, of whom 80% are women and 20% men. Their average age is 38.

MutuaTerrassa acts in the geographical area of Catalonia, and in some activities throughout Spain.

The companies that make up MutuaTerrassa come from the Mutual Association of Pension Funds.

Of the total annual resources we manage, 85% come from agreements with the government and the remaining 15% from the private sector.

MPS + Foundations (3)
Social Enterprise Entities (Non-profit) 93%

Nowadays, MutuaTerrassa activities are focused on the fields of:

Subsidized public, hospital and primary
Public healthcare
Industrial laundry and sterilization
Health logistics
Research and development
Clinical laboratory analyses